• My showREELs

    Here are my showREELs.

    You know that: time is rare and time is money.
    So it can be, that my reels are not always up to date, but when I´ll find some time, I´ll update them...
    I promise :)

    But lemme say something:
    A lot of times I get asked, what exactly and how much of this reel, is done by me.
    And I can say seriously: The Most!

    All of those projects are primarily based on my work - except the feature-movie sequences, of course- 
    so mostly I do all the things, that are CGI related, either by my own, or together with a small team.

    If you wanna know exactly, what is done by me or others, just watch for the desired sequences here inside my website. Every artist is credited there!

    .Autodesk Maya
    .Autodesk 3DS Max
    .NewTek Lightwave
    .Autodesk Motionbuilder
    .Kaydara Filmbox
    .Autodesk Combustion
    .The Foundry Nuke
    .Canopus Edius
    .Adobe Premiere
    .SONY Vegas
    .Adobe After Effects
    .Adobe Photoshop

    Sonja Schlichter - Project Management
    Thorsten Kuttig - Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Animation

    ...and all those guys, who worked with me together on some of these projects
    © 2000-2011, respective licensees and/or Thorsten Kuttig, e·Sence - digital department