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Welcome to THE IE·DNlab PROJECT.

We are Thorsten Kuttig and Sonja Schlichter.
Thorsten is freelance 3D Artist, Animator and Cinematographer and Sonja works as freelance 3D Project Manager, Coordinator and Line Producer. Together we're working as freelancers for our clients in the different fields of CGI and Film.

THE IE·DNlab PROJECT is all about 3D Animation, Visualization, Modeling, Rendering, Photography as well as Videography and much more.

We've started THE IE·DNlab PROJECT to combine our passions and bring them all together on one platform. Here you'll see a lot of our 3D works, films and photographs so feel free to experience, what we experienced.

Latest News

New client Electrolux

We are happy to welcome our new client Electrolux GmbH

It's a real pleasure to work for this open minded client who wants to enter some new paths.

Target is to show the extreme modularity of the Electrolux product range.

Eisele - TV commercial

Together with Köhler & Partner, Thorsten worked on a tv commercial for Eiseles "Multiline E" multiple connector, which combines compressed air, gases, liquids, electricity and electronics on one connection.

National Geographics

One of Thorstens travel images about the red rocks at Arbatax on Sardinia is published in the July 2016 issue of the  spanish "Viajes National Geographic" magazine.
Reason to be a little bit proud :)

Jump to our TRAVELcandies-Sardinia gallery or directly to the image in question

Natural Wonders - Above Andalusia

Thorsten finished the sixth part of my "Natural Wonders"-sequel.
This time it´s all about Andalusia, the most beautiful community in the south of Spain. We´ve spent a month here to capture its beauty of landscapes, nature and pure wilderness as well as its  wonderful small villages.

Click HERE to see the movie and don´t forget to subscribe my brand new channel STOCK FOOTAGEcandies on Youtube

Affiris PCSK9 Vaccines

Thorsten was hired by snowflakes*, Austria for visualising and animating a medical animation about so called PCSK9 vaccines

Jump here to watch the full movie

Roche Accu-Chek®

The Accu-Chek® Pro Plus and Pro Uno are single-use lancing devices made by ROCHE GmbH, for which we've been hired by BERG Animation.
Our task has been the shading and animating of the 3D objects.

Jump to the animations

LuK - Glas Truck

Thorsten modeled a hybrid truck for LuK GmbH & Co. KG.
The projects purpose is to visualize the different truck components inside the vehicle.

Jump here for some renderings

BAUR Vision 2025

Together with AV Medien Business Pictures GmbH we produced a corporate movie for Baur Versand GmbH & Co KG.
As this movie is for Baur-internal purpose only, unfortunately we can not show  it to you here.

Carl Zeiss Visualisation GSF

For our client Carl Zeiss 3D Automation we produced a visualisation of the new GSF - Global Standard Fixture - system.

Watch the 3D animation here.